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Welcome To The Summer Camp For Kids Affected By HIV

Jul 28, 2017
Peter Balonon-Rosen / Indiana Public Broadcasting

It’s a sleep away camp. It’s free. And once a summer the Jameson Camp in Indianapolis hosts a session for campers with this in common: Either they or a family member have HIV/AIDS.

There are rating systems for hospitals, nursing homes and doctors. So why is it so hard to compare providers of child care?

Part of the reason is that there are no nationally agreed-upon standards for what determines the quality of child care. The standards that do exist are formulated in each state, and they vary widely.

For example, some states require that child care workers have a teaching certificate. Others require certain college courses. Some have strict ratios of how many caregivers are required per child.

Depression, Overwhelming Guilt In Preschool Years Linked To Brain Changes

Nov 14, 2014
Early Emotional Development Program

In school-age children previously diagnosed with depression as preschoolers, a key brain region involved in emotion is smaller than in their peers who were not depressed, scientists have shown.

The research, by a team at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, also suggests that the size of the brain’s right anterior insula may predict the risk of future bouts of depression, potentially giving researchers an anatomical marker to identify those at high risk for recurrence.

The study is published online Nov. 12 in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.