Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act could save the government money by causing fewer people to sign up for disability benefits, according to a new study from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

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A village of tiny homes to house people with mental illnesses could be coming to Chatham County, North Carolina.

Many people with mental illnesses live on a federal income of about $750 per month, called the Supplemental Security Income, which creates a challenge for them to find safe and affordable housing.

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Doctor Treats Homebound Patients, Often Unseen Even By Neighbors

Nov 9, 2015

Dr. Roberta Miller hits the road at 8 a.m. to see her patients.

Many are too old or sick to go to the doctor. So the doctor comes to them.

She's put 250,000 miles on her Honda minivan going to their homes in upstate New York. Home visits make a different kind of care possible.

Are Traumatized Students Disabled? A Debate Straight Outta Compton

Aug 20, 2015

An unprecedented, class action lawsuit brought against one Southern California school district and its top officials could have a big impact on schools across the country.

On Thursday in Los Angeles, a U.S. District Court judge will preside over the first hearing in the suit against the Compton Unified School District. To understand the complaint, you need to understand Compton.

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America's Kids Are Healthier, But Racial Divides Persist

Fewer children are dying in infancy and before adulthood and abusing drugs, and more have health insurance, according to an annual report on children and teens, published Tuesday. But poverty may be holding back some minority kids. Side Effects' Andrea Muraskin takes a look

Gabriela Garbero poses outside Britches Clothing, in Columbia, Mo., while she is beta testing the accessibility app Compeer.
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A new accessibility app called Compeer is currently being beta tested and may soon be able to help those with disabilities navigate cities more easily. Based in Missouri, the app is being tested in two cities in that state: St. Louis and Columbia.

The transition to adulthood marks a big turning point in life for everyone, but for young people on the autism spectrum that transition can be really tough.

Young adults with autism had lower employment rates and higher rates of complete social isolation than people with other disabilities, according to a report published Tuesday by the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute.

Only 17.5 percent of Americans with disabilities over age 16 are employed, compared with 64.7 percent of the population without disabilities, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. But according to John Dickerson, executive director of the service and advocacy organization Arc of Indiana, there are more opportunities now than ever for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to find meaningful employment outside of the traditional "sheltered workshop" model.  Sound Medicine host Barbara Lewis recently spoke with Dickerson and Michelle Fischer, a young woman who lives with cerebral palsy and hosts a podcast on disability issues for the Arc of Indiana.

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