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This Week In Public Health: EpiPen Maker Drops The Price -- For Some; A New Cancer, Obesity Link

This week: Under fire, Mylan says it'll make its EpiPen more affordable for some. ... A ban on veganism for kids. ... How old is too old for men who want the HPV vaccine? ... These stories and more.
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Phillip Bradshaw/via Flickr

This week: Under fire, Mylan says it'll make its EpiPen more affordable for some. ... A ban on veganism for kids. ... How old is too old for men who want the HPV vaccine?  ...  These stories and more.

Federal data suggest illegally manufactured fentanyl, a drug that is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine, is behind an increase in synthetic opioid deaths.

Lawmakers Aim To Tackle Rural Health Challenges: Transportation, New Docs

Aug 25, 2016
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Two proposals meant to ease burdens faced by California’s rural patients and their health care providers are breezing through the state legislature as lawmakers finish up for the year.

The Mercenary Markets of U.S. Health Care

Aug 24, 2016
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I never thought that I’d consider buying drugs from Canada. For years I’ve heard rumors about people getting medications from over the border, and now I find myself considering it. You see, we spent $2800 of our health plan’s $3500 deductible on EpiPens this Spring. And since those EpiPens are only good for about a year, we’ll spend another $2800 (or more) next Spring. And then again the Spring after that. And so on.

Public Health Officials Struggle To Identify Sepsis Before It Becomes Deadly

Aug 23, 2016
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After Rory Staunton fell at the gym and cut his arm in March of 2012, the 12-year-old became feverish and vomited during the night, complaining of a sharp pain in his leg. When his parents called his pediatrician the next day, she wasn’t worried. She said there was a stomach virus going around New York City, and his leg pain was likely due to his fall.

As expected, the Zika outbreak in Florida is growing — though how fast is still difficult to say.

State and federal health officials say mosquitoes are spreading Zika in two neighborhoods of Miami, including Miami Beach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told pregnant women Friday not to go into these neighborhoods — and to consider postponing travel to all parts of Miami-Dade County.

Brian Paul/Side Effects

A generation of young men missed out on the HPV vaccine. Now, Side Effects Public Media's 29-year-old correspondent wonders if that’s putting him at risk.

Race, Ethnicity Affect Kids’ Access To Mental Health Care, Study Finds

Aug 22, 2016
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One in five Americans is estimated to have a mental health condition at any given time. But getting treatment remains difficult — and it’s worse for children, especially those who identify as black or Hispanic.

Robert Durell for California Healthline

This week: We're want a new drug ... one that won't addict, and scientists think they may have the answer. ... Olympics food sponsors are not often the picture of health, but one major sponsor is trying to change that perception. ...  These stories and more.

Practicing And Teaching Yoga In Rural America

Aug 18, 2016
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Jenny Gore works full time as a police dispatcher. Her shifts are long-- sometimes twelve hours--and she’s often on the road. It’s a hectic schedule, and there’s no shortage of stress in her life. Still, she tries to make room for yoga. In fact, she’s surprised at how important yoga has become to her.


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